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About Us


Who is Artolouis?

Artolouis exists to represent those who want to be different while keeping it simple. We believe that gender is a social construct, hence we pride ourselves in the versatility of our products, while still giving emphasis on durability, style, and comfort. We mostly use leather for its timeless look, durable quality, and the fact that it ages well. Any products may appear a certain way, but how they look are as varied as the ones who wear them. Our products are made with the best materials we can find, transformed by our artisans with love, passion and lots of coffee.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE, literally!!! We stand behind the quality of every product made at Artolouis. Each item will go through thorough quality control, and will be registered with product number under the original purchaser. If anything ever happens to your product, due to faulty material or craftsmanship, send it back to us and we will either fix it or give you a new one. If you come by our products second hand or your firsthand product is damaged due to abuse, contact us and we can in most cases repair it for half of what it cost to replace it.