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Some of us are entitled to WFH (Working from Home).
Business is extremely slow, but we still have mouths to feed, so the show must go on.


So what does it mean to WFH for a small business like us?
We depend highly on our team’s loyalty and honesty, trusting they would stay productive without being monitored.


Here are some tips to increase productivity for you guys who are Working from Home:

Limit screen time
take small breaks from time to time; do it responsibly.

Keep your working hours structured
commit to a specific working hours, as if you are still in the office.

Create your space
create a comfortable working environment.
For myself, picture a two-screen setup, filter coffee on tap, fresh flowers and a pretty plate of biscuits that refills itself hourly to snack on.

Get dressed
Simple, yet effective. I’m a big believer in the power that clothes have impact over your mood. So, if you feel inclined, take some time to rediscover your wardrobe.

Chat IRL
Virtual chats are everything right now. Even if it’s a five minute chat during lunch, giving a colleague a quick call to check in can make all the difference.



Hope those tips can help you stay productive at home, support your company and keep the show going..

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